Retirees, pre-retirees and even people still accumulating for a far-off retirement, have decided that an annuity is suited for their situation. The most important step is to confirm, that an annuity insurance product, or any other financial product considered, is in alignment with your goals and is suitable for your unique situation.

If your goals align with the ideas of keeping the money you have, growing your money without the risk of market volatility, controlling or limiting taxes, and keeping comfortable access to your money, than an annuity insurance product may be the right fit for you.

Of course, not everyone in every situation will be best served by purchasing a Fixed Indexed Annuity insurance product. That is why discussing your unique situation with us in a one-on-one scheduled appointment is crucial after learning about annuities on this website.

What Others Have to Say About Annuities

“From our perspective, it’s a very simple program. Each year, whatever we earn, the money is locked in and it can’t ever go down.”

“Our investments were not meeting our expectations. And we didn’t have the time to put thought into them. With our mutual funds, we lost a lot of principal. With indexing we don’t ever lose principal or gains. Those were the two big selling points for us. Our investments now meet both of our expectations.”

“For most retirees who buy this tool, security is their main concern. For us, while the security is great, it’s a bonus. The fact that our investments are growing and beating the market is also good, returning 30% versus 18% for the market during the time period we’ve been invested. It’s a double benefit.”

“I feel like that I am achieving my financial goals for retirement, because a Fixed Indexed Annuity offers me the compounded interest every year and safety that the stock market can’t offer right now. I don’t have to worry about that. I also know that someday that Fixed Indexed Annuity will provide me with lifetime income that I cannot outlive.”

“We don’t have to watch the news at night and pay attention to what the stock market did and worry about that. We don’t spend time talking with one another wondering what we should do, should we move our investments into this or that. We can focus on more important things in our lives.”

“You have to be active in the market to handle your own financial affairs. It’s crazy for somebody who isn’t active in it on a daily basis to not have an advisor. So we found an advisor who is active on a daily basis. And we trust him because of it.”

“We moved into indexing when we wanted to be able to sleep at night. And during the decline in the market, we haven’t lost a minute of sleep. Now that we’re retired, we can’t replace lost capital. So it’s very important to us not to put the capital at risk.”

The Value of Trust

It’s likely that you visited this site because you trust my opinion and know that I work with my clients’ best interests in mind.

There really isn’t a value that anyone can put on trust – it’s simply priceless. My wish is that this website is proving to be a powerful resource for you as you make very difficult and important decisions for your retirement and your life. I look forward to the opportunity to develop a strong working relationship with you and encourage you to continue through this course for a strong foundational knowledge, regardless of the direction you choose.

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